24 Grids 4200Pcs DIY Fuse Beads Water Sticky Magic Aqua Beads Art Craft Toys Kids Art

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Product Description24 Grids 4200pcs DIY Fuse Beads Water Sticky Beads Art Craft Toys Kids Specification:Material:polyvinyl alcohol(PVA)Color: colorfulBox Size: 19.5*13*3.5CM Features:●Colorf..

Product Description

24 Grids 4200pcs DIY Fuse Beads Water Sticky Beads Art Craft Toys Kids
Material:polyvinyl alcohol(PVA)
Color: colorful
Box Size: 19.5*13*3.5CM
●Colorful and full
●Healthy PVA material, safe
● easy to operate, easy to get started● Any kneading, strong viscosity, not easy to break, can be bent freely
●Water spray type, automatic bonding after water spray, environmentally friendly and formaldehyde free
Application: Children / Adults
1. Put a pendulum in the color picture
2. Set the water spray stereotype
3. Waiting to dry (about 1 hour)
4. Remove the work (using dice)
Package included: 4200 x fuse beads
1 x Beads case
4 x Template
1 x Fuse bead clip
1 x Water spray bottle
1 x set of lanyards
1 x Instruction manual
5 x Plastic Chains
5 x Key chains
20 x DIY iron rings

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